Founded in Austria on June 20th 1945, Fronius is an international company with a 75 year history in the manufacture of welding equipment and nearly three decades of experience with solar inverters and other devices for monitoring and controlling energy, including battery chargers.

Fronius launched its first grid-connected solar inverter back in 1995. Since then Fronius has grown to become one of the industry leading solar inverter manufacturers, with 19 of 28 offices worldwide being involved with solar energy. This includes the Australian office located in Tullamarine, Victoria. Fronius inverters are suitable for a wide range of applications, including residential solar and commercial solar projects.

One of the reasons for Fronius’s reliability and performance is due to the ‘active cooling’ system incorporated into all Fronius snap-in inverters. Active cooling is also a key design feature in the new generation Fronius GEN24 hybrid inverters due for release early in 2021. The fan forced cooling system extracts heats at a higher rate which reduces thermal stress and can increase power output in high ambient temperatures. All power electronics have a maximum operating temperature after which the power needs to be reduced to prevent overheating and potential damage. This is where active cooling can help improve both reliability and performance. Other features include the integrated DC isolator and the unique snap-in design makes servicing and installation very simple.