Solar Panels Perth Prices & Cost

Cost of Solar Panels Perth - Want to embrace your rooftop with competent solar panels in Perth? Well, a solar PV (Photovoltaic) system is an innovative way to produce green energy without maligning the environment. It brings cost-effective prospects to help you cut the electricity bills in Perth, WA. Solar panel cost is crucial to know for you before installing a unit. This piece is to illustrate the Solar Panels Perth Prices & Cost alongside conveying necessary emphasis on various other significant elements.

Worrying about increasing electricity costs in Perth? The time has come to incline the mindset toward unique technologies to support power expenditures. Perth residents can yield unmatched benefits from installing solar panels at home since it is one of the sunniest cities in Australia. In the recent era, thousands of homeowners have invested in photovoltaic panels to meet daily domestic electricity needs.

Cost of solar panels Perth

Significantly, it is a creative solution to produce electricity for home/commercial use without adding to global warming. The power is generated by sun rays that make it truly pollution-free and environment-friendly. The noticeable aspect of PV solar panels is their cost-effectiveness. The Solar Panels Perth Prices & Cost continues to diminish, hence, appearing as a perfect alternative amidst rising electricity prices in the city. Also, it doesn’t involve higher maintenance costs to adjust your limited budget and escape you from unwanted debt burdens.

Solar Panel Price Perth – A Comprehensive Guide

In this guide, we would like to discuss the following concerns to demolish your doubts regarding Perth solar panels to the maximum extent:

  • What is a solar panel?
  • How do solar panels work?
  • Which is the best size of a solar panel for your home?
  • Why should you install a solar panel in Perth?
  • How to choose the best solar panel?
  • What is the cost of solar panels in Perth?

So, let’s start scrutinizing all facets for an in-depth understanding.

What is a Solar Panel?

What is a Solar Panel?

The story commences with the sun. Solar panels, also known as PV panels, are equipment used to convert sunlight into electricity. This electricity can be used for multiple purposes such as for home, business, etc.

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Actually, a solar panel is a combination of PV (photovoltaic) cells. These cells are structured in a grid-like shape on the surface of the panel to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect. Most solar panels install crystalline silicon solar cells that are constructed with a negative and positive layer to develop an electric field similar to a battery. Hence, a solar panel is a package of solar PV cells that are very hard to register with very slow wear and tear.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

how does solar panel work

As mentioned above, a solar panel unites a combination of silicon cells. This material has the potential to produce electricity when it comes in direct contact with sunlight. This is what we term the photovoltaic effect. Further, a solar panel produces DC (Direct Current) electricity. Under the concept of DC electricity, electrons move from the negative side to the positive side of the battery by going through the lamp.


The sunlight hits the solar panel to convert photons into electrons.
Solar Cell

These electrons are converted into DC electricity after passing through the cells.

The DC electricity is pushed to an inverter to convert it into AC electricity.

The Alternate Electricity is used to power your home appliances and charge devices etc.


Overall, it is a simple and environment-friendly module to generate power at home. When the sunlight hits the surface of a solar panel, it converts the energy into DC current. Next, the inverter further converts the DC electricity into AC that we use to power home appliances.

What Size of Solar Panels Do You Need? Types of Solar Panels Perth

Well, the size you require to install at home depends highly on your electricity usage. On average, a typical home consumes around 20kWh of energy per day. Therefore, you can install a 5kW solar system to overcome your daytime power needs. But it is advisable to install a panel as big as you can afford, given solar systems are relatively cheap. The excessive amount of energy you produce will earn you money by delivering it back to the grid under feed-in tariff plans. You can also choose 6.6 KW, 8 KW, and 10 KW Solar panels and prices vary accordingly. 

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Why should you have a Solar Panel in a Perth-based Home?

Perth residents have a myriad of genuine and logical reasons to install a solar system at home. Being one of the sunniest places in Australia, Perth is all set to produce a great volume of electricity via sunlight. However, the retail electricity rates are going high as well in the city to encourage the solar panel cultures in Perth. Find some more legitimate reasons why you must have a unit at home:

  • First, Perth witnesses enormous sunshine throughout the year. More sunshine means more electricity. It receives around 5.8 hours of peak sunshine (per square meter per day) – according to PVWatts – to be the top solar city in the country.
  • Secondly, Perth residents currently undergo higher electricity retail prices and it is expected to grow in the future as well. Hence, moving to a natural source of power generation is a sensible thought.
  • People can also earn extra money by selling excessive production of electricity to the government under different schemes.
  • Of course, it is an environment-friendly medium to generate electricity; adding no pollution to produce green energy power.
  • Also, you receive incentives & subsidies from the government for installing a solar panel system in Perth.
  • Moreover, solar panels in Perth help reduce giant electricity bills.

How to Choose the Best Solar Panel in Perth?

If you’ve decided to produce your own power energy at home, solar panels are the right tool to proceed with. However, installing the best solar system is crucial for better results. But wondering, how long do solar panels lasts? Find some valuable tips on how to choose solar panels in Perth to meet your power requirements efficiently so that they work for longer.

Solar panel cost

The top factor to impact your decisions, of course, is the Solar Panels Perth Prices & Cost. Well, it depends upon elements such as size (both in Watts and physical), quality, brand, durability, certification, etc.


It comprises the manufacturing techniques and the material used. Lots of materials are used to build panels; varying in terms of price, quality, and efficiency.


While deciding on the size (watts and physical), make sure it is big enough to meet your daily power requirements. Additionally, you should also have enough space to install it.


Durability matters a lot and most panels come with at least 25 years of warranty. You can suspect the system (and the brand) that doesn’t bring that period of warranty to serve you longer.

Temperature coefficient

It is the impact of heat on the panel’s operational efficiency. Make sure you select a unit with a lower percentage for every degree of Celsius.


Several types of solar panels exist in the market. You can make a choice from monocrystalline, multi-crystalline (polycrystalline), thin-film, PERC, bifacial, or interdigitated back contact solar cells.

How Much Do You Save from a Solar System?

A 6.6kW solar system Perth can deliver around $1,200 – $2,000 savings per year whereas 8kW solar system would make a savings of over $3,000 every year on the electricity bills. 

The benefit of solar PV in NSW is that it reduces your power bill by around $400 per year per kW of solar energy, so by installing an 8kW solar system one can save up to around $3,400 a year, or $850 on quarterly electricity bill.

There are 2 main ways in which one can make savings by enjoying the benefits of home solar system:

  • Self-consumption

Consuming the electricity generated by solar PV is the primary way in which one can tackle energy costs. Self-consumption reduces the amount one needs to buy from their electricity retailer, thereby reducing the electricity bill.

One can save 30c per kWh when they use the solar energy that is directly generated from the panels.  Maintaining a high ‘solar self-consumption rate will help to optimise the return on investment.

  • Feed-in tariff for excess energy  

 If the generated solar energy is fed back into the grid, one will receive a feed-in tariff. It is the credit for excess power sent to the grid. It is usually around 10c per kWh but can vary according to the state and the retailer.

 In WA and NT these rates are fixed, but in other states, it is up to your energy retailer. In Victoria, there is a mandatory minimum of 10.2c per kWh. The feed-in tariff is usually low compared to how much you buy energy for.

Installing a good quality solar power system will increase the property value of and also increase the potential rental yield as new owners or tenants can benefit from the solar PV on the roof. When it comes to selling a house, the one with solar PV is more in demand.

The solar power business of Western Australia provides a great opportunity for a positive financial and environmental outcome by converting to 100% renewable energy sources by reducing each household’s carbon footprint.

What are the Solar Panels Perth Prices & Cost?

Doubtlessly, the Solar Panels Perth Prices & Cost an intriguing factors involved in the affair. People consider the price figure promptly before they move ahead to get a pack of cells on the roof. In Perth, the solar panel unit and installation costs have fallen significantly in recent years. Meanwhile, financial aid from the government has been extended to encourage populations to green power generation.

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Following are the various price brackets (according to SolarQuotes) for good-quality solar panels in Perth:

  • 3kW: $3,500 to $5,000
  • 5kW: $4,500 to $8,000
  • 6kW: $5,000 to $9,000
  • 10kW: $8,000 to $12,000

The price listing involves usual incentives and rebates by the governing bodies. But you should pay the top end of the range to collect superior quality components for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How much does a solar system cost in Perth?

A - A reliable solar system in Perth will cost between $6,000 and $8,500. The panel and inverter you choose will have the biggest impact on cost.

Q - Is it worth it to install solar panels in Perth?

A - Yes, getting solar power in Perth can be worthwhile. Solar panels can generate electricity using both direct and indirect sunlight, so they can do so even on cloudy days.

Q - Is there a downside to solar panels?

A - Panel deterioration. Like anything else left out in the sun, solar panels gradually become damaged by ultraviolet radiation. Rain, snow, dirt, temperature fluctuations, hail and wind also pose serious hazards.

Q - How long do solar panels last?

A - According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), solar panels last between 20 and 30 years. Some well-made panels may even last up to 40 years.

Q - Do solar panels need maintenance?

A - As solar panels require minimal maintenance and the most common issue is dirt and debris buildup, the frequency depends on where you live, the climate, environment and weather. If you live in an area where there's a storm season, you might need to clean your panels more often during that time of year.