Growatt is one of the world’s leading suppliers of inverters, storage and monitoring systems that ranges from 1kW to 630kW. The company was founded in 2010 to focus on manufacturing economic and innovative inverter solutions for residential, commercial and energy storage applications. As of this year, the company has offices in Germany, Australia, US, UK and Netherlands, with a  high focus on R&D. By 2018, they have shipped over 1.2 million to over 100 countries and has become one of the biggest solar inverter brands.

Since inception, it took only 18 months for Growatt to become an established name in the smart inverter industry. Over the course of the past 15 years, the firm has invested significantly into their R&D division with over 150 engineers and scientists to advance the technology. With over 70 patents globally, their three-phase inverters have over 99% maximum efficiency. The state-of-art automated manufacturing facilities, strict component sourcing and the 70+ quality control tests ensure the reliability and longevity of each inverter unit. It is one of the first inverter suppliers for Jinko and Canadian Solar.

The company has garnered significant acclaim in the past, including: EUPD top PV brand in Netherlands; No.1 supplier of solar inverters in Thailand; Photon lab double A+ grading; TUV and Intertek certification for R&D centers; IHS 2017 top 10 rank. Growatt inverters are also used in some of the largest commercial and utility-grade solar farms in many countries – 200kW Renmark plant (South Australia), 134MW Phitsanulok plant (Thailand), 100kW Nanyang Plant (China).
In Australia, the company supplies on-grid, off-grid and storage inverters for residential and commercial applications.

Performance and Output

  • Evaluative Capabilities - Growatt elevates solar monitoring through sophisticated tracking and reporting functionalities, transcending the conventional. Users effortlessly scrutinize their system's intricacies, pinpointing anomalies, and refining energy yield.
  • Illustrative Instances of Real-world Performance - Unveiling the tangible ramifications of Growatt inverters, we delve into case studies and triumph narratives of solar installations fueled by Growatt. These instances furnish palpable proof of the brand's dependability.
  • Holistic Contrast with Alternative Inverters - For a thorough comprehension, we juxtapose Growatt inverters with other eminent brands, assessing performance, efficacy, and user contentment. This comparative scrutiny aids readers in judicious decision-making.

Maintenance and Assistance

  • Periodic Maintenance Counsel - Sustaining the longevity of a solar inverter demands periodic upkeep. We furnish pragmatic advice on routine inspections and maintenance undertakings that users can execute to preserve their Growatt inverters in peak condition.
  • Growatt's Client Support Provisions - A responsive and dependable customer support framework is imperative in the solar sector. Growatt excels in furnishing prompt aid, addressing queries, and proffering remedies to guarantee customer contentment.
  • Guarantee and Post-sales Services - We delve into the warranty encompassment extended by Growatt and scrutinize their post-sales services. Grasping the support available post-purchase enhances the overall customer encounter.

Merits of Growatt Solar Inverters

  • Elevated Efficacy - Growatt inverters flaunt commendable efficiency rates, ensuring optimal energy generation from solar panels. This efficacy is pivotal for fine-tuning energy output and curtailing electricity expenditures.
  • Sturdiness and Trustworthiness - Allocating in a solar inverter signifies a protracted commitment, and Growatt recognizes the significance of durability. Their inverters are engineered to endure diverse environmental conditions, ensuring reliability even in arduous climates.
  • User-centric Interface - Growatt prioritizes user interaction by conceptualizing intuitive interfaces. Users effortlessly scrutinize and manipulate their solar energy system, fostering a seamless and gratifying experience.


Installation and Configuration

  • Painless Installation Procedure - Growatt inverters are lauded for their user-friendly installation process. This not only economizes time but also diminishes installation outlays, rendering solar energy more accessible to a broader demographic.
  • Adaptability with Varied Solar Systems - Whether deploying a residential rooftop system or a expansive commercial setup, Growatt inverters are crafted to seamlessly integrate with a myriad of solar configurations, bestowing flexibility and scalability.
  • Endorsements from Users Regarding Installation Ordeals - Real-life narratives from users underscore the simplicity and efficiency of deploying Growatt solar inverters. These testimonials offer invaluable perspectives for those contemplating a solar energy system.