Solar Panels Alexandar Heights

Solar Panels Alexandar heights - Alexandar Heights gets roughly 4.4 hours of sunlight each day. This is the number of hours of usable sunlight generated per day (on average). This statistic covers cloudy days and is taken from the CEC solar power consumer guide. This figure may be used to calculate how much energy your system should produce each day. If you are looking for a solar panel installer in Alexandar Heights, TDG Solar is the finest choice. Solar panels Alexandar heights facts and numbers - learn about what solar could achieve for you if you put panels in the Alexandar heights area.

Solar Panels Alexandar Heights

Alexander Heights has 12,106 residences, which equates to a solar penetration of 36%. This is greater than the Western Australian state average, which has a statewide solar home solar penetration of 34%. So, in comparison to the rest of the state, Alexander Heights is rather nice. The Canning Vale postcode region (6155) has the highest number of households having solar power systems installed in Western Australia, with a solar household penetration of 58 percent.

Western Australia, with a statewide solar home penetration of 34%, outperforms the rest of the country, which has a solar penetration of 30%.

Alexander Heights Electricity Rates:

In Alexandar Heights, you can expect to pay around $0.257 per kWh for electricity, which is pretty pricey. This will, of course, vary based on your network and store. Some places near Alexandar Heights may have substantially higher electricity prices, while others may have much cheaper pricing.

Alexander Heights Solar Panel Costs:

The average cost of a 6.6kW solar system in Alexander Heights, according to our study, is $4,000. We predict that a well-performing solar system in Alexander Heights will generate roughly 25 kWh/day. We estimate that if half of the 25kWh is utilized in the home and the rest is exported to the electrical grid, the annual savings on a typical power bill will be $1,822 per year. This equates to a basic payback period of 2.2 years, which is a reasonable return on investment.

Value of Feed-in-Tariff:

We believe you might earn up to $0.09 for each solar electricity you transmit to the grid (per kWh). This includes any feed-in tariffs imposed by the Western Australian government as well as any contributions made by your store.

Alexander Heights Solar Financing

We estimate that the cost of financing a $4,000 solar system in Alexander Heights over 5 years will be roughly $973 in year one.

This is based on an interest rate of 8% computed monthly and does not include any possible additional expenses such as setup or admin fees. Of course, you should confirm these figures with a professional financial counselor.

Even so, you may be able to install solar for no money down and yet be cash flow positive. What we mean by "cash flow positive" is that the money saved by installing a solar system over a year is more than the cost of financing the same solar system.

Alexander Heights residents may take advantage of a government solar rebate

Solar systems placed on residential and commercial buildings in Alexander Heights are likely to be eligible for a government subsidy under the Federal Government's Small Technology Certificate (STC) scheme. The STC refund is decided by your location in Australia as well as the size of the installed solar system.

So, if you build a 10kW solar system in Alexander Heights, you are in Zone 3 and will most likely be eligible for a $5,106 subsidy. The stated price and the amount you pay or finance are usually after the STC rebate has been deducted from the total cost of the solar system. The price of the STC fluctuates, so bear that in mind as well.

Naturally, some restrictions must be met to receive an STC rebate, so it is recommended to consult with a solar specialist.

In Alexander Heights, here’s a quick way to size your solar system:

The size of your system is determined by a variety of factors, including how much electricity you consume during the day, the direction of your roof if shading will be a concern and the amount of roof space you have at your house or company. You can compare the average daily power use on your power bill to the average daily output of popular system sizes computed in the table below as a preliminary guide:

System Size

Avg daily output

Return on Investment

2 kW

8.8 kWh

3 - 5 years

3 kW

13.2 kWh

3 - 5 years

4 kW

17.6 kWh

3 - 5 years

5 kW

22.0 kWh

3 - 5 years

6.6 kW

29.0 kWh

3 - 5 years

10 kW

44.0 kWh

3 - 5 years

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