How Many Solar Batteries are Required For Residential Use

How Many Solar Batteries are Required For Residential Use

How Many Solar Batteries are Required For Residential Use- It has nowadays become more significant to pair battery storage with solar panels.   Between falling battery prices and diminishing energy storage at their home. Adding a battery to your solar panel system enhances your energy independence and overall savings.  in this blog, we will discuss How Many Solar Batteries are Required For Residential Use. Continue reading "How Many Solar Batteries are Required For Residential Use"

How Long Do Solar Batteries Hold Charge

How Long Do Solar Batteries Hold Charge

How Long Do Solar Batteries Hold Charge- One of the most common drivers for installing batteries in addition to a solar panel system is energy storage in times of need. When power outages are overused, inclement weather, or power grid failure, storing energy in batteries can keep your house running. Additionally, using solar batteries as a method of storage is also helpful in lowering your overall electricity as a method of storage is also helpful in lowering your overall electricity bills and power grid usage. In this blog, we are addressing some of the facts that will help you to make your batteries last for a long time and we will state how do long solar batteries hold charge. Continue reading "How Long Do Solar Batteries Hold Charge"

Top Economic Effects Of Solar Power

What is a Solar Panel?

Top Economic Effects of Solar Power - Renewable energy is the most talked about new thing in the energy industry nowadays. It's a new thing and will become a new normal in the coming years. This has enormous benefits and everyone has started to use it. In the following blog, we can have a look at the Top Economic Effects of Solar Power and also other important things about solar energy.

Solar energy and its importance 

The energy produced by the solar panel is referred to as solar energy. The energy is produced when sun rays fall on the surface of the solar panel cells and this creates a difference in potential. This movies the electrons and thus electricity is produced. It has great importance as it's a renewable form of energy. No fossil fuels are burned to produce this type of energy. Also, it comes from the sun, which has been sustainable for centuries. Other forms of energy are produced from fossil fuels which are not infinite.

Shaft Towards the solar energy 

Solar energy is a new thing and is very important for our surroundings. It helps to reduce the effect of global warming by reducing the greenhouse gases from the surroundings. The government is taking the initiative by providing different schemes so that more and more shifts can be seen towards solar power. It has an economic effect and a natural effect on the surroundings. One should use more renewable forms of energy as it is economically cheap and best for our surroundings.

Economic Effects of Solar Power

Cost saving

Installing solar panels has reduced the electricity bills for both residential and commercial users. In solar power, we are not dependent on finite fossil fuels. The source of solar energy is infinite and it's not costly. 

Reduces the Effect of global warming

When we move towards solar power, it helps to reduce the effect of global warming. It does not produce any greenhouse gases and thus contributes to less carbon footprints. Another form of energy produces carbon and other gases that are harmful to our surroundings if released in excess amounts.

Job opportunities

It creates various economic opportunities. If we use more and more solar energy then it creates job options in installation, manufacturing, repair, and other areas. 

Saves energy 

The sun is infinite. It has been there since the beginning of the world and it will be there for eternity. When we use solar energy, we use less fossil fuels and we can use them for other things which are dependent on fossil fuels. In this way, we can limit the use of fossil fuels and reduce the carbon footprint.


When we use solar more we do not rely on others for our energy needs. Sun is the same for all. We can invest in the solar infrastructure and can use it for our benefit. Energy prices are moving up and down and this can impact the budget. When we have our energy consumption through solar energy then there will be no effect of energy price change in the world.

Investment for future 

Although investing in solar is a bit expensive initially. It's a long-term investment that can give you profit in the long term, solar energy can repay you in the future and can do it heavily. It's like a seed that you sow and later on, can benefit you for the rest of your life.

Property for Community 

Through community solar schemes, locals can purchase a shared solar energy system and get utility bill credits. This can support community development and provide low-income households with greater access to solar energy.

Increase in the prices of property

When your house or your business is fully or majority in line with green energy. It increases the value of the property. If you have solar panels installed in your home or any other renewable form of energy then you can get a very good resale value of your house. People will pay because of the benefits they are getting in low energy bills.

Low dependency on non-renewable sources of energy 

When we invest in solar power then it reduces our dependency on other sources of energy. most of the countries rely on other countries for oil, gases, and other things. if they start using solar energy for their daily energy needs, they can be independent and make decisions according to their own will. This is very beneficial economically and you can set the prices according to their demands. Also can sell the electricity produced by solar to other countries or states. 

The budget allocated for energy can be used for other issues that have been put on hold for years.

Can benefit from schemes 

The government is providing discounts on solar-related business. If you wish to enter the solar energy market then you can do it by using the schemes set by the government. They are providing subsidiaries on solar plants, solar panels, and other things.

TDG Solar 

TDG Solar has been in the solar power business for years now. With their expertise, they manufacture the best quality solar panels and also provide many different services. All the panels manufactured have been approved by the International Energy Council. The company is based in Australia and has catered to the majority of the population of the country. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
Q - what is the impact on electricity?

A -  The electricity produced by solar helps in reduction of the energy bills. As energy bills skyrocket every month, it's a huge relief in your pocket.

Q - How it can help in the growth of the economy?

A - this reduces the dependency on other states for their energy demands. Also, the world energy market fluctuates, so prices are not constant. when we have our source then it will have no impact on their budget.

Q - how do we make use of solar energy?

A - You can do it by installing the solar panel. TDG Solar has been the most trusted solar panel manufacturing company in Australia and has over a decade of experience.

Do Solar Panels Work Best In Summer

Do Solar Panels Work Best In Summer

Do Solar panels work best in Summer - Solar panels are very durable and efficient in summer and also work best in winter. It is a form of renewable energy which contributes to the betterment of the environment. In the following article, we will discuss “Do solar panels work best in summer”. 

Solar panels and renewable energy 

Unlike other forms of energy which are produced from burning fossil fuels, solar energy is produced from sunlight. When sun rays fall on the panels it produces the energy. Renewable energy is an evergreen form of energy that is infinite. The electricity produced by solar panels also helps in reducing global warming as it decreases the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Using solar power to meet your energy needs contributes to a better environment. One natural source of energy that can meet our everyday demands is solar. By using hazardous chemicals in this manner, the impact of global warming will be lessened. Utilizing renewable energy sources reduces the need for other dangerous materials that could damage our environment.

One important factor in reducing climate change is solar energy. 

Performance of solar on hot days

Solar panels work great in summer and produce more electricity. They are very effective in producing electricity as more sunlight is there. But as summers see an increase in temperature it can reduce the efficiency as solar panels get heated to greater temperatures. We will cover some basic points in the following article about the efficiency of solar panels in summer.

Effect of sunrays on solar panel

Solar panels are more effective in summer as more sunlight falls on the surface of the panel. The time duration of the sun's rays falling on the surface matters not the temperature or heat produced by the sun's rays. If sunlight falls for more time then it produces more electricity but can also reduce its efficiency as temperature increases during the summer.

How do solar panels produce electricity?

Electrons moving toward the front surface create an imbalance in electrical charge between the front and back surfaces of the solar photovoltaic cell, with each electron carrying a negative charge. A voltage differential is created on the solar panels by the sun's beams, and this produces electricity. After that, the electricity is stored for later use. The environment is greatly impacted by solar energy

Increasing solar energy utilization will purge the air of harmful pollutants and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. 

What are the various factors that degrade the efficiency of solar panels?

Many different factors affect the quality of the solar panel. These include excess sunlight which increases the temperature and as a result, decreases the efficiency. Also if the solar panel has some manufacturing defect this can hinder its performance. 

Also if the solar panel is not installed properly then, sunlight will not fall on it properly. This will not produce a sufficient amount of electricity and this can reduce the performance. 

The sunlight should fall on the surface for a longer period but should not increase the heat to the threshold of the solar panel. Solar panels have a threshold up to which they work efficiently. If temperature increases over this threshold then it will reduce the efficiency.

Solar panels are more efficient in winter as the temperature does not rise above the threshold and this does not heat the cells. This makes the panel work efficiently and produces electricity for a longer period.

If more dust is on the surface of the panel then it can reduce the efficiency of the solar panel. Sunlight falling on the dusty surface of the panel will not produce electricity efficiently. this is also another reason that decreases the efficiency of the solar panel.

Solar panel efficiency in different seasons 

Solar panel's efficiency works differently in different seasons. Summers can reduce the efficiency and winters increase the efficiency. If temperature increases then efficiency decreases. 

In cold winter days, solar panels perform at a good capacity. As sunlight is good on winter days. This can increase the performance and efficiency of the panel. 

Storms or heavy rains do not damage most of the panels, as they are very durable and efficient. The rainy season also has an advantage as the falling rain on the surface will clean the panel from dust and any other spots on the surface.

Effect of temperature on solar panel efficiency 

Solar panels perform best if the temperature is moderate. The temperature between 23 degrees and 26 degrees works best for best efficiency. If the temperature is too high the performance is reduced and if the temperature is low it still reduces. The power output of the panel decreases with the increase of the temperature or heat waves in summer. Solar panels can get heated up to 70 degrees Celsius.

Also if temperature reduces at a certain point then it also reduces its efficiency. Winters see a dip in temperature and this also reduces the performance of solar panels.

TDG solar 

TDG Solar is an Australian-based company that produces the best quality solar panels. They have been in the business for years and have the expertise to develop the most durable panels. All the panels produced have been passed by the Clean Energy Council. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q - do solar panels come with a warranty?

A - it depends upon the manufacturer, but every company provides a warranty. They have a bar code on the panel module. If you want the warranty then you can scan that for the service.

Q - how efficient and durable do solar panels are?

A - solar panels have been efficient and durable for years. Mainly depends on the quality of manufacturing. TDS Solar provides the best-quality solar panels that can work for decades and still produce electricity with full efficiency

Do Solar Panels Work On Cold Days?

Do solar panels work on cold days?

Do Solar Panels Work On Cold Days? - If we want to reduce the effect of global warming on Mother Earth, then using renewable forms of energy is very important. Energy from the sun is a natural form of energy that we can use to fulfill our daily energy demands. It is very important to use solar energy as it can improve the living standard for humans and also help in the survival of other living beings. The sun is full of energy. We can use this energy and then convert it into electric current and use it for our daily tasks. 

Continue reading "Do Solar Panels Work On Cold Days?"

How Does Solar Power Work in Monsoon

How Does Solar Power Work in Monsoon

How Does Solar Power Work in Monsoon - With the help of solar panels, you can generate electricity for your home or business place. When the sun shines during the day, solar panels can capture solar energy and convert it into electrical energy. Yet, since there is no room for sunlight to convert during the monsoon, solar panels are unable to produce electricity. There are many ways to use solar panels to generate electricity during the monsoon. In today's blog, we will learn how does solar power works in monsoons and what tips should be followed to use solar panels properly in monsoons.

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