Solar Panels Perth

Solar Panel Perth

Solar Panels Perth - Today, Perth is the best place to install a solar power system. Perth retail electricity rates are increasing, and solar installation prices have fallen significantly over the past few years. It is high time to cut electricity bills by installing Solar Panels Perth in residential or businesses.

Solar Panels Perth

Sparkling Reasons Why Should You Install Solar Panels in Perth

Well, scads of reasons prevail behind the story. Solar Panels Perth has gone higher drastically due to quite legitimate causes. Being the capital city of Western Australia (WA). Perth is a perfect location to reap more solar energy than any other region in Down Under. Take a look at some of the convincing factors:

  • Sunniest city

Perth is, doubtlessly, one of the sunniest cities in Australia. Perth enjoys 147 sunny days, and 121 partly sunny days annually, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. The temperature is most likely to stay above 10 degrees Celcius even during extreme winters to let panels work throughout the year.

  • Increasing electricity costs

Needless to say, it is a global trend now. Concerning Western Australia, electricity prices have seen a steady hike during recent years. The transition to the solar system is appearing to be the need of the day.

  • Say No to grid electricity

Well, having a solar system in Perth allows you to minimize your electricity bills. Your panel recovers the purchase and installation costs before generating additional money for you.

  • Get paid for excessive energy

Confounded? As per the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) & Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS) in Western Australia, the government pays you for surplus units of electricity that remain unused at your home.

  • Environment-friendly

Obviously, it is an environment-friendly process to generate electricity via Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems. It doesn’t emit any sort of pollution and produces neat-and-clean energy power for you. It also passes a sustainable environment to our future generations.

  • Government subsidies & incentives

Significantly, installing a Solar Panels in Perth enables you to earn incentives and subsidies under the government’s Solar Credit Scheme.

  • Property value increase:

Most Australians believe that panels increase the value of a home, according to polls, and estimates imply that a 5kW solar panel installation may add roughly $$$$ to the value of a home.

  • Low maintenance costs:

Solar power systems, in general, do not necessitate a lot of upkeep. You only need to maintain them clean regularly; cleaning them a couple of times a year would suffice. A yearly inspection with a certified electrician costs around $250 plus GST on average.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Solar energy is the rightful topic, the amount of solar connected to the electric grid has grown exponentially in the past several years. So, we are providing you with the valuable information and benefits of solar.

Solar panels are affordable Solar is more affordable than ever, especially with the extension of the federal residential solar tax credit. There are also some different financing options to make purchasing solar systems easier and with less money upfront. 
Money saver Solar offers great potential to save money on your monthly utility bill, and with utility bills trending upward, solar is likely to remain a good money-saving option for years to come.
Freedom to keep lights on every time Generating your solar power can give you the freedom to keep the lights on if there’s a power disruption. Solar energy systems paired with battery storage called solar-plus-storage systems provide power regardless of the weather or the time of day without having backup power. 
Solar Increases the Value of your home Buying a solar energy system will likely increase your home’s value. It appears that the impact adds value, especially for prepaid leases. 
Works in a variety of climates Solar panels only need one thing to generate electricity–sunlight.  The solar panels can withstand the elements no matter your location, or climate, and make sure panels perform as best they can, regardless of climate or weather. 

Our Service Areas For Solar Panels Perth

How Solar Panels Works?

Solar power is harnessed using solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, which uses semiconductors to turn sunlight into electricity. When the sun shines on the semiconductor in a PV cell, electrons are liberated, and bus bars collect the freed electrons, resulting in an electric current. Solar Energy Generation and Transmission Basic Steps:

  • When the sun shines on the panels, an electric field is created.
  • The generated power goes to the panel's edge and into a conductive wire.
  • The electricity is carried by the conductive wire to the inverter, where it is converted from DC to AC, which is used to power buildings.
  • Another wire transfers AC electricity from the inverter to the property's electric panel (also known as a breaker box), which distributes it as needed throughout the building.

Any electricity that is not used at the time of generation is channeled through the utility meter and into the utility electrical grid.

The meter will go backward, crediting your property for excess generation.

The best angle for solar panels in Perth:

The best angle for panels in Perth is an angle from 16 degrees to 26 degrees, with 21 degrees considered optimal. If your roof is tilted, don't need to hesitate your system’s output will still be adequate. If your roof is flat, you will need to mount your panels on at least 10 degrees pitch so that they clean themselves.

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Why choose TDG SOLAR as your first Solar Panel in Perth?

TDG Solar is the ultimate destination to buy solar panels in Perth to cultivate most of the sun power. It is one of the top 10 solar panel dealers in Perth. The 100% Australia-owned brand nurtures clients with innovatively crafted and CEC-approved panels at lucrative prices. It is a renowned brand based in Australia that is striving thoughtfully to make the best use of renewable energy resources. Also, it brings an impressive range of products and services for customers to cater to their daily electricity needs.

It encompasses tailor-made solutions to address the ever-growing and fluctuating interests of clients. A passionate team of technicians and industry experts shows diligence during the whole process to make installations future-ready and more productive through the decades.

With the enormous benefits of our products, here at TDG SOLAR we make choosing the right renewable energy and minimize the carbon footprint of the residential and business customers. Also, we worked on various projects in most of Perth’s locations. From the very start, our leadership team involves in energy cost reduction activities. TDG SOLAR deals in quality products so that our clients can have peace of mind.

If you wish to install our high-quality, Australian-supported products in Perth, contact us at 1300TDGSOL (1300 834 765). You can also drop a mail at to get a quote or schedule a free site assessment.

Approach TDG SOLAR to Grab Quality Solar Panels Perth!

At TDG SOLAR, we understand customers' preferences regarding electricity sources and provide them with top-notch quality solutions. Given the continuous rise in electricity prices in Perth, Western Australia, it has become a necessity to seek solar systems to meet power requirements in the future. Since various natural resources are on the verge of conclusion, it is sensible to adopt environment-friendly alternatives and be energy efficient in the long-run course.

When it comes to buying and installing solar panel systems in Perth, choosing the best vendor is the topmost consideration. TDG SOLAR is here to remit your unessential woes and allows you to purchase CEC (Clean Energy Council)-approved solar systems. Customers can visit us to explore the shelves and click products as per requirements. Furthermore, we  adopt a generous business model that goes through the following key qualities:

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Customer Care

These are the vital pillars that encourage TDG SOLAR to stay motivated and endeavor for the well-being and betterment of clients in W.A. Hence, come and join us to witness state-of-the-art facilities and ensure your priceless contribution towards the Environment Protection Campaign.

Various Services Offered in Perth, WA

Being a professional and certified solar system provider in Perth, we bring an all-inclusive service portfolio to clients. It extends multiple facilities and provisions to eradicate customers’ conundrums in the same place. Visitors are open to capturing the under-mentioned developments:

  • Residential Solar System

We gather the right temperament to provide residential solar panel installation in Perth. A qualified team of experts visits your residence to scrutinize the location and draft the perfect work plan. Further, they execute the best systems and expertise to help you generate the required volume of energy.

  • Commercial Solar System

We incorporate pertinent solar system solutions for commercial sites, including hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, or offices. Capture the ideology of green energy to reduce power costs for enhanced profitability.

  • Solar Panel Cleaning

Regular cleaning of panels ensures better results and higher energy efficiency. At TDG SOLAR, we bestow clients with unparalleled cleaning services for products. Our team of professionals implements advanced techniques and equipment to make your solar canopy dust-free and more productive.

  • Installation & Repair

TDG SOLAR is eager to support esteemed customers with instant installation and repair services. We strive proactively to address customers’ queries as soon as we become aware of the same.

  • Annual Servicing at the Economical Rates

Besides solar systems in Perth, technicians at TDG SOLAR possess the expertise to help clients with the annual servicing.

Sharp Highlights of the Solar Panel Supplier in Perth

  • Authorized dealer and supplier of panels in Perth.
  • Professionally experienced and organized
  • A well-trained team of technicians, installers, and other professionals
  • A range of solar system solutions to cater dynamic power needs of clients
  • Reasonable price policy
  • Instant customer support on a single call
  • CEC-approved & warranty-oriented products
  • Smarter installation services

Contact Details

Address 1/48 Vinnicombe Drive, Canning Vale WA6155 Perth
Phone Number 1300TDGSOL (1300 834 765) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why should I go with solar energy?

Panels are a cost-effective, environment-friendly, and natural way to produce electric power.

Q - Can I install a solar panel on my office rooftop?

Yes. Panels are also eligible to meet your power needs for commercial sites.

Question 3: What if there is a cloudy day?

Since a solar system requires full sunshine to produce energy, it will generate partial energy on cloudy days.

Q -  Is there any government assistance while installing a solar panel in Perth?

Yes. The government provides incentives/subsidies to interested people under various schemes.

Q - How much energy will my solar panels produce on my roof?

The amount of electricity your solar system produces determine by the amount of sunlight, the type and number of solar panels installed, and the inverter capacity of your system.

Q - How do I choose the best location for solar panels?

TDG for an estimate, a member of our team will schedule a visit to your home to determine the best service for your needs. Housetops that slope north or west are often the greatest for catching the sun's rays.

Q - Is Solar worth it?

Sun is a great source of renewable energy. The one-time investment enables you to reap benefits for decades to come. It is absolutely worth going for these products.

Q - What If there is a leak in the Installation?

You can approach our team of technicians upon encountering the same issue. They will fix it on a priority basis.