Solar Battery Installation Perth

How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Perth

Solar Battery Installation Perth - A battery storage system allows you to maximize your power savings while minimizing your reliance on the grid. Solar batteries are the most cost-effective battery storage technology in Australia. These Solar battery installations in Perth are compatible with most solar power systems and come with the longest warranty. Get a free quote from Regen Power to learn more about home solar batteries in Perth.

While the sun is shining, your solar PV system creates electricity to help power your home. You can store excess solar energy in a battery and use it when the sun goes down. Due to their fast charge and discharge rates, lithium batteries are the most preferred choice for residential batteries. These are also safe solutions and can manage a variety of situations.

Top tips when considering a Solar Battery Installation Perth

  • When comparing batteries, check the term "total energy throughput." It is express in megawatts per hour and represents the amount of energy that your system can store and use over its lifetime.
  • Some manufacturers place a high value on the "cycle life" of the battery, but it is also important to evaluate the chemical composition, charging time, and depth of discharge. The goal should be to select the option with high performance.
  • The amount of energy you can extract from your battery will steadily decrease as you age. This means that an older battery, even when fully charged, will not be able to store and release the same amount of energy.
  • Check to see if your battery system includes an app or an internet portal. This can allow you to access real-time data so you can track how much energy you store and use, allowing you to evaluate your battery's performance over time.

Battery Storage Systems Help Make The Most of Solar Power

Adding batteries offers a lot of benefits to solar power systems. You can store excess energy at your home for later use instead of selling it to the grid for a fraction of the retail cost of the energy.

  • When there is not enough sunlight, such as at night, the stored energy is consumed.
  • By directly offsetting evening electricity use, rather than only partially subsidizing the cost through grid feed-in prices, you can reduce your net cost.
  • Batteries can be retrofitted to existing systems or installed concurrently with a solar power system.

Factors that Add to Solar Batteries Cost in Perth

A number of features can drive up the price when it comes to solar battery installation in Perth, so it's important to make sure you're only paying for what you really need.


We are not just talking about size here. There are many wattages for batteries, and generally speaking, the more power a battery can hold, the more expensive it will be.


Your solar power system must be connected to a solar battery; However, it cannot be exposed to the elements. They should be placed in a dry, protected location ideally close to an electrical switchboard or inverter.


An inverter does the essential work of converting the energy generate by solar panels into energy that can be stored in a solar battery. Your service provider may have already installed an inverter so that you can use the energy if you already have solar panels.


A certified and insured solar energy installer should oversee the installation of solar batteries. Making modifications to your current solar power system can harm you, the battery, and the system.


Pricing is also affect by the components of the solar battery itself. The type must be taken into account along with the hard cost, longevity, and replacement cost of the material.

Best Solar Battery Installers in Perth | TDG Solar

TDG SOLAR understands our customers' preferences for power sources and provides them with high-quality solutions. Given the ongoing rise in electricity prices in Perth, Western Australia, it has become imperative to advance solar solutions to meet future electricity needs. Hence it is prudent to go for eco-friendly options and be energy efficient in the long run.

Choosing the right vendor is the most important aspect when Solar Battery Installers in Perth. TDG SOLAR is here to ease your burden by allowing you to get an authorized solar system. Customers can come to us to browse the shelves and select the products based on their needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Will solar batteries work well in Perth?

A - Solar power is a great option to combat rising local electricity rates from most utility companies as Perth enjoys over six hours of sunshine a day. Perth residents can also benefit from Australia's renewable energy incentives including refunds and rebates.

Q - How much experience do you have with solar batteries?

A - Solar batteries and solar panels are undoubtedly very different. Make sure the solar installer you hire is knowledgeable about solar batteries and the particular brand or unit you choose.