500 Watt Solar Panel Price

500 Watt Solar Panel Price - Solar energy has turned into a main competitor as its economy faces rapid growth and furthermore as the world moves toward a more ecologically cognizant energy production model. India has always been at the forefront of sustainable energy sources using hydropower, geothermal energy, and wind energy near petroleum products. Solar panels have become increasingly popular in the country due to various benefits, for example, saving money on electricity bills and avoiding power cuts. All things considered, need to know the 500 Watt Solar Panel Price?

500 Watt solar panel price

Frequent power cuts in many cities and towns have forced people to turn to solar panels. 500W solar panels are a commodity that is valuable in Tier 2 towns and urban communities where power cuts are common. A small 2 to 3 BHK home can be controlled for 4 to 5 hours with a 500 W solar system. It offers 97% inverter productivity and over 16% module efficiency and has monocrystalline panels. To get each pick of 500W Solar panels, read the blog till the end.

Application of 500 W Solar Panel

A 500-watt solar panel can be used well to control a small house of 2 to 3 BHK. Being a fully functional structure, it can power a TV, ten LED lights, up to two ceiling fans, and in connection with gadgets, a PC or cell phone panel.

Price of a 500 Watt solar panel | 500 Watt Solar Panel Price

The estimated 500 Watt Solar Panel Price is Rs 50,000. There are still some variables based on which the cost may change. A part of the elements include vendors, regions, etc. The difference in cost is centered on the difference in quality, type, and brand of solar panels you are buying. Being a mess in the present time and age, where telecommuting and online learning have turned into a common awkward power cut, has become very common in a large section of towns and urban communities.

Similarly, for those who depend on electricity for work, school, and various exercises, the planetary group near 500 W has become an extraordinary source of help. Additionally, solar panels reduce the weight of high electricity charges and allow you to set aside 1.5 units of electricity each day.

The Best 500 Watt Solar Panel With TDG SOLAR

At TDG SOLAR, we understand the inclination of the clients with regard to Power Sources and furnish them with first-class quality arrangements. Given the continued rise in electricity costs in Perth, Western Australia. The latter turned to the need to seek nearby solar systems to meet their electricity needs. Since various regular assets are almost exhausted, it is advisable to go for other options that are climate-friendly and energy-efficient in the long run.

The organization has so far built great partnerships with Solar Panels and provides customers with the best solar solutions, that too at an affordable price. The best part about the organization is that it produces high-efficiency solar panels with efficient installations.

Similarly, they have acquired areas of strength to build a base in the market by being the best in nature of the solar range produced by them. Additionally, the organization provides 24/7 customer support to guarantee better consumer loyalty. Along with solar panels, TDG Solar Systems also deals in the manufacturing of solar lights, solar-heated pools, solar water radiators, solar heat systems, etc.

You might be thinking, how much power do these 500 Watt solar panels output?

The production of these solar panels strictly depends on the radiation in the geographical area. Still, a basic guideline is that 500-watt top solar panels generate about 2.5 - 3 kWh of energy each day. Introducing 3-4 of these 500 Watt solar panels is enough to run a private house in a city or 2 quantities of 500 Watt solar panels can control a house.

You can combine 2 of these panels with an 1100VA solar inverter and meet your energy needs for a small home. 

Solar Inverter (1000VA): Rs.25,000

You can reduce investment costs by using a specialized inverter and introducing a separate solar panel regulator. For the inverter, you may have to spend around Rs 5,000 on this plan.

Solar Battery (150ah): Rs.10,000

Battery cost is replacement without thinking of another battery. Constantly guarantee that you use a solar battery for this structure. A typical inverter battery will drain rapidly whenever used with 500-watt solar panels.

Solar Cables (4sqmm): 2,000

Their length is consider to be about 20 meters, which is generally sufficient.

Solar Charger Stand: Rs.4,500

The top 500 Watt solar modules are the result of solar panel manufacturers. They allow you to deal with more solar electricity per area covered. It is also important to note that 500 Watt solar panels are great for modern applications right now because of their price factor. In modern applications, the ability to cover less area and reduce construction and wiring costs exceeds these solar panels.

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