Top Solar Panel Defects & How To Detect Them

Top Solar Panel Defects & How To Detect Them - The use of solar panels at present is increasing exponentially. It's a renewable source of energy and has plenty of benefits.

Solar panels are very durable but sometimes they can get defective. In the following article, we will have a look at the Top Solar Panel Defects & How To Detect Them on our own by looking at them.

Solar Energy and its growing demand

Solar energy is very important for the betterment of our surroundings and future generations. It's important because it helps in reducing global warming. Unlike other forms of energy which are produced by burning fossil fuels, solar energy is produced from the sunlight. It reduces the amount of harmful gases present in the atmosphere and also contributes towards balancing climate change.

The demand for solar panels is increasing day by day because of their benefits to nature and it also reduces electricity bills. It's a one-time investment and you can enjoy the returns for many years to come. It has several other benefits which we will discuss in the following article.

How does a solar panel work?

Solar panels produce electricity when sunlight falls on their surface. When sun rays fall on the surface of a solar panel then a potential difference is created and this produces electricity. Solar panels produce very effective electricity which we can also store in batteries and can use later.

Solar Panel Performance

Although solar panels are very efficient and work pretty well throughout the year. Sometimes bad weather conditions and other factors may provide damage the solar panels and can reduce their efficiency or in some cases, the panels don't even work. we should have proper knowledge so that we can identify the problems and try to solve them on our own.

Top Solar Panel Defects & How To Detect Them

1) cracked or broken solar cells

Solar panels are made up of different layers. One of the layers is made up of solar cells. They are very important for the proper and efficient functioning of the solar panels. These solar cells sometimes become defective due to their low quality and get defective during the manufacturing process or at the time of installation or delivery. It can also occur due to the heat effect or due to bad weather conditions. We can tell by looking at the surface if it is defective or not.

2) scratches on the glass panel

Sometimes we can see scratches on the glass surface of the panel. This can occur due to improper handling of the panel, poor quality of the glass used, or bad weather conditions. Also, unsafe packaging can lead to scratches. This degrades the performance of the solar panel and it needs to be addressed.

3) String Alignment

Sometimes string alignment can also arise on the surface of the solar panels. This problem can be easily seen with the eyes. This does not decrease the performance of the solar panel but it needs to be sorted in the first place.

4) Labels and barcodes

Sometimes the barcode and the label on the solar panel module fade with time. This also comes in defects as it is very important. IEC has made it mandatory for the labels and barcodes to look fresh and not faded. These are important as one can apply for a warranty if any defect occurs to the solar panel. If the barcode or label is not visible it becomes difficult for the manufacturer to provide the warranty.

5) spaces between different layers

Solar panels are made up of different layers. All the layers need to be properly intact with one another. If any space comes in between the layers then this can cause major problems. This will reduce the quality of the solar panel and will also reduce its efficiency.

6) Dirt and dust on the surface

When dirt, dust, or any other impurities reside on the surface then you should clear it immediately. One can do it by themselves or can hire a clear for it. This reduces the efficiency and less electricity is produced. This is one of the most common defects on solar panel surfaces.

There are other defects as well but we have mentioned the most common of all.

How we can detect these defects on the solar panels?

Visually by looking at the surface

Some of the defects can be seen visually with our eyes and some need special assistance. Defects like cracks, scratches, or alignments can be seen easily with our eyes.

We can use imaging technology

We can also use imaging technology so that we can spot the defects on the surface. Some defects are not seen by the eyes and need proper imaging technology.

There is also another form of imaging technology by which we can detect the defects on the surface of the solar panel.

Quality check at the time of manufacturing

When the solar panels are manufactured they should be properly checked for any defect. The manufacturing company should have a quality control check on each panel and should detect the error in the first place.


The solar panels should be maintained at regular intervals. this makes sure that the panel remains defect-free. Also, it does not degrade the performance of the solar panel and helps us throughout the year. Regularly cleaning the solar panels and checking them properly will save you a lot of money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - how do solar panels get defected and how we can see that?

A - we can see it with the naked eye or sometimes needs special assistance. They can get defected due to plenty of reasons.

Q - Which company produces the best quality solar panels in Australia?

A - TDG Solar, an Australian company produces the best quality panels.