Solar Panels Applecross

Solar Panels Applecross - Applecross was named one of Western Australia's favourite suburbs to live in. It is located 21 kilometers south of Perth and is administered by The City of Melville. Applecross, being one of the most popular suburbs, will also be establishing a sustainable energy source for power through the use of solar panel sources.

Solar Panels Applecross

Not to worry, TDG SOLAR provides services throughout WA and will assist Applecross homeowners in making a wise investment in energy usage. To learn more about Solar Panels Applecross, please call 1300 TDG SOL (1300 834 765) or send an email to au

Why Should You Go Solar in Applecross?

Our city, as you are aware, has a year-round climate that is quite sunny. You can expect that whether you're in the north or the south, you'll see a lot of sun at some point during the day, which means you'll be generating power all day. Applecross residents who are both cost-conscious and ecologically conscientious are taking advantage of Perth's 268 bright or partially sunny days.

  • They can save money on their power.
  • Contribute to Australia's failure to meet its net-zero emissions objective.
  • Increasing their self-sufficiency in electricity generation.

Families sometimes discover instant savings of $1000 - $1600 per year on electricity costs, which is enough to cover a week's vacation lodging in Rottnest or Dunsborough. Based on quality, performance, and guarantees, we will recommend several solar panel manufacturers and models, as well as inverter kinds.

You'll be able to capture all of that energy hitting your roof if you get your hands on the top solar panels in Applecross. That's why thousands of people in Washington rely on solar energy because it works, it's inexpensive, and it's a terrific way to save money.

Applecross Solar Panel Cost

The average cost of a 6.6kW solar system in Applecross, according to our data, is $4,000. We predict that a well-performing solar system in Applecross will generate roughly 25 kWh/day. We estimate that if half of the 25kWh is utilized in the home and the rest is exported to the electrical grid, the annual savings on a typical power bill will be $1,822 per year. This equates to a basic payback period of 2.2 years, which is a reasonable return on investment.

Applecross Government Solar Rebate

Solar systems placed on residential and commercial buildings in Applecross are likely to be eligible for a Federal Government subsidy under the Small Technology Certificate (STC) scheme. The STC refund decides by your location in Australia as well as the size of the installed solar system. So, if you construct a 10kW solar system in Applecross, you will be classified as Zone 3 and will most likely be eligible for a $5,106 subsidy.

The stated price and the amount you pay or finance are usually after the STC rebate deduct from the total cost of the solar system. The price of the STC fluctuates, so bear that in mind as well. Naturally, some restrictions must be met to receive an STC rebate, so it is recommended to consult with a solar specialist.

Why Select TDG SOLAR as the Most Reliable Solar Panel Installer in Applecross?

TDG SOLAR specializes in genuine quality solar power systems for business and residential clients in Perth and the surrounding areas of Western Australia. We are certain that there is only one sustainable path ahead for our planet: the use of commercially viable and clean technological alternatives to fossil fuel-powered energy generation. Also, we are happy to be at the forefront of this advancement.

Four reasons why you should hire us to install your Applecross home solar power system:

  • Quality solar at an accessible price: We provide well-designed, cost-effective, and highly efficient solar energy systems that use proven PV, inverter, and battery manufacturers' components.
  • We specialize in household battery solutions for both on-grid and off-grid residences.
  • Experts in anything solar: Our experts can develop the optimum solution for your house, including array design, system watt needs, and battery storage.
  • Professionally qualified: Every member of our staff is a fully certified electrician. In addition, the Clean Energy Council has granted accreditation to install solar.

About our installation:

Getting solar electricity in Applecross will be a snap with a team like Solar Panels Applecross on your side. All you'll need to do is contact us, tell us how much energy you'd want to offset with the Solar PV system, and we'll take it from there.

We'll work on selecting the optimum solar panel packages for your home once we've asked you a few key questions and assessed your available roof space at the optimal orientation. You'll reduce to knowing that there is a perfect size for all houses and budgets. So spending nearly nothing on your power bill is doable here in Perth — due to our never-ending sunlight!

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