Top Solar Companies in Australia

Top Solar Companies in Australia – The altering global warming scenario has become a scourge on the planet today. Solar enterprises in Australia have seized the bull by the horns to make the future a better place to live. All solar firms in Australia are worth noting for their great success in utility, commercial, and residential installations. Solar enterprises in Australia are not only profitable today, but they are also becoming more competitive.

Some of the major benefits that solar energy proposals are as follows:

  • Renewable energy source
  • Reduced electricity bills
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Saves environment
  • One-time investment
  • No harmful emissions

Top 10 Solar Companies in Australia:

This list was developed by speaking with several installers and discussing why they sell specific solar panels, rather than by looking at the company’s sales data.


SunBoost is Australia’s largest company in Australia. They provide an exclusive 30 days money-back guarantee to their valuable clients for peace of mind. All their Solar panels and Inverters are approved by Clean Energy Council which complies with the top-quality Australian standards. Their high-grade products are secure so they offer their clients a substantial 25-years panel performance warranty and 1 + 9 Years Workmanship Warranty.

NSEG (National Solar Energy Group):

NSEG introduce itself to the world in the year 2009 with operations that have expanded to most Australian States. Also, they are well known leading rooftop solar installer in Australia by volume. Today, they have more than 350 staff in other states.  They are dedicated to ensuring a sustainable energy future and accelerated transition to renewables while maintaining their customers reap the benefits from this transition. All their achievement makes them from their competitors.

GEM Energy:

GEM Energy starts its establishment in the year 2013 with its vision to provide integrated turn-key solar energy solutions to every Australian family. Now they are a multi-award-winning solar company that provides renewable energy services. During a short period of span, they established themselves as one of Australia’s leading renewable energy providers. They are not just skilled in large-scale commercial solar projects but they also assist Australian families to escape the energy price pressure as well.

Sun Power:

For 35 years Sun Power they’ve designed and built the industry’s most advanced solar. They offer record-setting performance and unmatched authenticity that powers positive innovation around the world. They demand more of themself because you justify all the benefits that better solar can produce. Also, they are the technology of choice for the world’s top companies and experts. Their robust panel portfolio offers an effective range of powerful solutions, each produced for optimal performance, and long-term reliability.

Arise Solar:

Arise Solar is one of the most trustworthy solar company that provides clean energy solutions to more homes and businesses. They are also proud of the work they do, working towards a cleaner future for their beautiful country while saving their valued customers money on every bill. Their goal is to offer homes right across the country with renewable energy solutions and international quality standards solar energy systems. Arise Solar is a trusted and reliable solar energy provider.


Since 1996 REC dedicated to enabling customers with clean, affordable solar power at very economical prices. The company is committed to high quality, innovation, and a low carbon footprint in solar materials at affordable rates. Today, they have set the production benchmark for quality, approved by rigorous internal testing, and third-party certifications. Also, they have started to become a worldwide, pioneering solar power company with Scandinavian culture.

Tindo solar:

Tindo solar are commitment to sustainability goes far beyond producing clean energy. They manufactured and designed their products in Australia for Australian conditions. Their premium solar panels produced in Adelaide are distinguished for their excellent quality and lifetime achievement, all with very minimal resources needed from the homeowner. Their products are covered by a 25-year performance guarantee for added peace of mind.

Trina Solar:

Trina Solar introduces itself to the world as the top leading Top Solar Company in Australia. The company offers an unmatched quality of products that allowed them to become global leaders, setting production benchmarks for both quality and efficiency. Also, they revealed the solar cell performance world record 7 times that same year. Now they sell their products in more than 100 countries. They ensure their products and processes meet the highest standards of environmental protection.


Longi starts its establishment in the year 2000 with innovations and optimized power-cost proportion products with breakthrough monocrystalline technologies. Also, the company is recognized as the world’s most relevant solar technology company with tremendous market value. They produce international quality standards of 30GW solar wafers and modules worldwide annually, about a portion of the global market requirements. They are the loyal partner of the photovoltaic industry and generate greater value for the clients’ investment.


JinkoSolar is one of the world’s most inventive solar module producers. In China, they manufacture goods for a diverse worldwide utility, business, and residential consumer base. They also produced a vertically combined solar product value chain with a yearly capacity of 27 GW for mono wafers, 31 GW for solar modules, etc.

Leading Solar Panel Installer in Australia | TDG SOLAR

TDG SOLAR, as a leading solar company established in Australia, focuses on higher-quality solar product installations, enabling the best services you can rely on. TDG SOLAR, as one of Australia’s leading solar system installers, has helped thousands of families and businesses obtain energy-efficient and environmentally responsible solutions. For the past 17 years, our leadership team has been involved in energy cost reduction efforts. According to the client requirements, we completely provide and install Clean Energy Council (CEC) authorized goods.

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Phone number – 1300TDGSOL (1300 834 765)

FAQs on Top Solar Companies in Australia:
Question 1. Which mistakes people do while they Buying Solar Panels?

Answer 1. Below we share a list of mistakes while people choosing Solar Panels:

  • We’ve put off buying solar panels because we’re waiting for battery prices to drop.
  • Not shopping around for numerous vendors and receiving multiple quotes
  • Unaware of how the ‘rebate’ works and how to calculate solar paybacks
  • Not knowing what protections, you have under Australian consumer laws
  • Asking the wrong questions to separate the better solar installation from the rest
  • You don’t know what size solar system is right for your home since you don’t know how big it should be.
  • You may believe that solar isn’t worth it since your roof doesn’t face the best direction.
Question 2. What thing to Remember while picking Solar Panels?

Answer2. Below we share a list of things that you remember while buying solar panels.

  • Check the recommendations and reviews online
  • Be aware of the length of the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Have practical price outlooks
  • Check out solar panel certifications
  • Investigate and choose the category of solar panels
  • Ensure solar panel efficiency and effectiveness
  • Shun high-pressure marketing and sales professionals
Question3. What should I look for in a solar company??

Answer3. There are approximately 400 solar panel firms and 4800 accredited installers in the market, in addition to the CEC Approved Retailers. Before signing anything, get many quotations and vet the company, as you would with any large investment.

  • A company that has been in service for over five years.
  • Is there a local office and phone number for the company in Australia?
  • Inquire about the service before and after installation by speaking with past customers. Were there any technical difficulties with the system?
  • Was there any follow-up from the company? What was the status of their communication? Don’t rely on testimonials found on the internet.
  • The provider should come to your house to determine your site’s requirements as well as your energy load profile.
  • Make sure your system is designed by a CEC-accredited system designer and meets your goals and budget.
  • Inquire with the person who will be installing the system. Examine the CEC installer’s credentials.
Question4. Which company I should avoid?

Answer4. You should avoid those companies:

  • Use pushy sales strategies like pushing you to sign on the spot, selling to your door-to-door, or saying things like “act now before government incentives expire” or “limited time only.”
  • A one-size-fits-all system is used to quote.
  • Offer systems for a fraction of the market price — you’ll wind up with a subpar product.
  • Execute statements like “no more energy expenses” or “unrealistic investment payback times.”