Top Tips to Maximise Your Solar Output

Top Tips to Maximise Your Solar Output - The key to energy efficiency is optimization. Even if you've chosen an energy-efficient upgrade to invest in, it's imperative to make sure the upgrade is a good match for your home, your lifestyle, and your energy use. To improve performance and get the most out of your investment, you should follow the top tips for maximizing your solar output.

Top Tips to Maximise Your Solar Output

So it is with residential solar power systems. Both solar novices and homeowners who are already passionate about their energy systems are interested in learning how to get the most out of the technology. Keep reading for information on how to maximize solar power for your home. Alternatively, you can get in touch with TDG Solar to start working on the best way to increase your solar panel production.

Best 5 Top Tips to Maximise Your Solar Output

Here are Top Tips to Maximise Your Solar Output you can follow to ensure that you are getting maximum performance from your solar investment, both before and after the sale -

Clean your solar panels

A solar panel covered with dust is not ideal. Even worse is dust that has been in contact with moisture for a long time and has settled into sludge. In either of these cases, your solar cells cannot receive solar. Keeping your panels clean requires only a quick spritz and light brushing. If you feel uncomfortable climbing a ladder, you can also approach a panel cleaning service in your neighborhood.

keep pruning trees to avoid shade

Your panels will generate more power the more solar reaches their surface. Because trees and shrubs are always growing, what may be fine today may be growing a few months from now. Consider the course of the Sun throughout the day as you track the shadow from dawn to dusk. Maximum exposure to sun rays will guarantee top performance.

Let your solar panels breathe

We are not the only ones who believe in the presence of solar eclipses. However, in Arizona, roof temperatures can often exceed 150 degrees. This intense heat can reduce the performance of solar panels. Ample airflow under the panels is the solution. The same goes for cleaning up trash and, if nesting is a problem in your area, adding bird guards.

Monitoring System Performance

You can only be certain that your solar panels are operating at their best if you regularly check the status of your entire system. A customer portal on the manufacturer's website or smartphone app is usually available for remote monitoring of solar power systems. TDG Solar Solutions offers unique service packages with alternatives for active monitoring if you'd like to leave the monitoring to professionals.

Choose Your Solar Partner Wisely

Solar power is an investment that will pay off over several decades. Be careful to choose a partner who has the skills to design a fully customized system for you and the resources to maintain that system during its many years of use. Once the money has exchanged hands, many sales-only solar companies will sell your project to a third party.


As always, TDG Solar is available to address any solar inquiries you may have. We are happy to assist with the evaluation of any underperforming solar arrays, whether you purchased your solar power system from us or another company that is no longer in operation. We stand together to advance the use of renewable energy into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is there an optimal way to use solar power?

A- Running your home's appliances while your solar panels are producing electricity is the most efficient way to use solar power. You'll be using solar energy to power your appliances directly, rather than reducing the amount of electricity your system exports to the grid.

Q - What is the maximum output of a 100-watt solar panel?

A - A 100-watt solar panel typically produces between 300 and 600 watt-hours (Wh) of solar energy per day

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